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We, as Additex, want to provide the best possible service and most suitable flavours and colours for our customers so they can deliver a tastier and more appetizing product to people around the world and improve their quality of life. By doing so we will have contributed to our customer’s success as well as shown our loyalty and dedication to them.

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We provide decorations in different shapes and sizes of sugars, fruit pieces and powders with added flavours and/or colours. Per customer request, we also provide a customized solution to their specific product and needs.


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We create and maintain a vast catalogue of sweet and savoury flavours that keeps on growing as we follow the latest trends closely to ensure our customers get the ‘best-fit’ flavour for their product. Good communication with our customer enables us to provide them with technical solutions for their products, which continuously adds to our problem-solving capacity.

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We offer a wide spectrum of synthetic and natural colours. The world of food colours is ever changing and that’s why Additex is a trusted ally in the search for the perfect colour, application- and colourwise, for your product.

Our service to you is where we differentiate ourselves from others. We aspire to be as swift and flexible as humanly and mechanically possible to accommodate every your needs as customer. This is how we share our concern for issues that customers are facing. By doing so we will have forged long-term relationships you can count on.

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Quality is deeply embedded in our core values and that’s why it’s our main priority. Additex takes pride in only working with reliable, certified suppliers. Our quality system is based on HCCP, GMP rules and a FSSC 2000 quality certification.

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In our laboratory new developments are made each day. It’s our policy to continuously improve our existing products, but manufacture new products as well. By doing so, we keep up with the latest developments, trends and legislation.

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Because of our in-house experience, which we have accumulated of the years working with clients throughout the food industry sector, we feel that our advice is suited for broad range of questions concerning inquiries about technical, legislative and quality issues.


We take pride in having  an agile and reactive service that fulfills our customer’s need. When presented with a customer’s request, we adapt and look at the situation from all angles to create opportunities and solve problems. Nor do we neglect smaller quantities because we have the customer’s interest at heart. We believe in giving value first so our customers can benefit and grow from our value as well as start building towards a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Team

A mix of experience and youth. We have a mentality similar to that of the sports team. We work as controlled and well organized unit with all capable individuals. But in order to maintain our strength we implore each and every co-worker to take initiative when the situation asks for it. This is how we fulfill the needs of our customers, whether they are urgent or not.




Tel: 0032 55 43 12 12

Address: Industrielaan 1D,


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